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custom Patchments

MADE TO ORDER : Got a heavy item ? Need a larger Patchmagnet ?

Custom Size PatchMagnets can be die cut to any size you require. This is done by making a new custom die cutting knife to your required size. The knife is used to kiss cut the Self Adhesive Patchmagnet sheets, producing your required size in sheet form so you can Simply Peel`N` Stick off the kiss cut sheet. REMEMBER! Custom PatchMagnets are Die Cut! Die cutting has Knife and Set Up costs associated, so if you are only require a small amount of Custom PatchMagnets you can,

CUT TO SIZE YOURSELF - Simply cut to size using a pair of Scissors, Stanley knife or Guillotine. You buy sheets of Patchmagnet size 450x620mm (17.7" x 24.4") and make them yourself. Find Patchmagnet sheet prices by clicking on Rolls & Sheets.

APPLY MULTIPLE STANDARD SIZES - Use our Standard PatchMagnets & apply multiples magnets to your item.

Samples of Custom Patch- Magnets

20 x 80mm Custom Patch- Magnet

Multiple Magnets, spread or cluster.

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