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Thank you very much, magnets arrived safely. I know when I get DL Calenders in the mail from Real Estate Agents with really thin magnet patches, they just fall off the fridge and get put in the bin, so I am glad yours have arrived (and they are already cut).
I just want to say thank you for the prompt service I am 300kms north of you & the magnets have already arrived after only being ordered yesterday around lunch time. In addition they are exactly what we need, very pleased with the service and quality & will definitely be in touch for more in the future & recommend you.
awesome very impressed with the professional and prompt manner!
Thank You!
GREAT Quality, Fantastic Service and Fast Shipping. PERFECT!
Since the arrival of the magnets, our attendence rate has risen by 300%. We now have 6 people turn up instead of 2.
We used your magnets to make fridge calendars and they are brilliant.
Thanks to the team at Patchmagnets. Great service and quality would highly recommend you guys.
Thanks Guys,
This makes patchmagnet ordering easy, we will be sending all orders your way. Dont Forget us for custom printed fridge magnets.
I recently used patchmagnets for my printing promotion. I found the quality and service both very fast and efficient. The promotion was a gr8 success and I would highly recommend them.
What a great service,
thank you so much.
Danniel J.
Thank You!!
Great service - Great price!!
And better still Great Product!!!
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